John Wesley

Hi John, I was watching porcupine tree anesthetize and noticed your PRS guitar had a dual plug in it. I cannot find your model anywhere the closest is P22 but with single cut. Could you enlighten me?

John Wesley responded on 07/06/2012

Thanks for the question... The Custom 22 I play is actually a custom one made for me by PRS with the specs I chose. It has a Piezo in the trem bridge, so the two outputs are one for the magnetic pickups and the other for the Piezo, which I send to a direct box that goes to front of house for the soundman to eq and use in the mix as he needs. The actual guitar is a heavy singlecut body and thin neck with 57/08 pickups in it. The closest thing to it, is the Tremonti Model, which is the same body/neck config but with different pickups. The Trem Piezo system was custom. You can get the PRS piezo system in the Hollow Body II, which is an amazing guitar. I hope this helps!

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