John Wesley

Hi John, I was wondering if you could tell me about your
PRS SC that you have been using the last couple of years. It's the red(wine color)one with beautiful 10top.
Happy Newyear! Mj Chicago,Il USA

John Wesley responded on 01/05/2012

Hi MJ, That SC is my dream guitar. One day PRS came to me and asked me what I really wanted in a guitar and they built it to my spec. It has a thicker SC body, a thinner/late 50's style neck, with 50's style PAFs and a one of a kind custom Piezo Trem bridge. It turns out, Mark Tremonte (Alter Bridge/Creed) designed his guitar exactly like mine, minus the Piezo, but with hotter pickups... so, if you are interested in something similar, the new Tremonte style is the closest thing to it.

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