John Wesley

Hi-Wes ! Do you use a pedal comp ? I've seen with the last tour (Porcupine Tree) a Nova System in your pedal board, it is for reverb, comp, delay (with your diamond) ?Your Fx are in a send fx ?Thanks!

John Wesley responded on 01/05/2012

The Nova and the Diamond, which has now been traded out for the Analog Man delay because it sounds as good as the Diamond and is smaller, are all in the effects loop of the Marshall. Everything else is in front. I have used a compressor; again, Analog Man Juicer and Mini Bi-Comp. But Steve uses his Carl Martin extensively and so I tend to not use one to provide a contrast in our clean tones. Instead of a compressor on my clean sound, I use a Vintage Fx Color Drive, which adds a real sparkle without compressing the sound. I call it the 'pretty box.'

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