John Wesley

Hi John. I was just wondering how long you have been playing guitar? I also play guitar and I'm thinking of starting a band with some friends. What are some good songs to start off with in a new band.

John Wesley responded on 11/28/2011

HI Scott, I have been playing for a about 36 years, but remember, I started playing live in church about four months after I started and joined my first band a year later. So it really doesn't matter "how long" you have been playing...just practice, and get out there and play with some folks and enjoy it. Again, not so much how long, just get out and play. As to songs...its important to play what you like, and learn from the songs as you play them, we all "stand on the shoulders" of the greats who came before use the time to learn the songs as lessons in your own songwriting and playing.

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