John Wesley

As a creative person who's active and productive, what counsel would you offer to the "multi-tasking" artist.
[Btw, Thanksgiving Blessings for you and your family]

John Wesley responded on 11/28/2011

It's a constant struggle for me to maintain a good focus as I am multi tasking in so many areas....

the best advice I can give.... is to focus... eliminate the areas that get in the way and are not really important to you... for example... I have many hobbies and many areas of music I like to explore... what I have had to do, is focus on the music that is important to me, and then make sure I don't lose my hobbies, but trim them down to the ones that reward me, it helps with sanity... the old adage "all work and no play..." but more than to maintain that constant struggle with Focus.

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