John Wesley

I know a lot of people (myself included) who do not like to drive from Denver to Boulder for a show,so I hope you guys will consider Denver instead next time.Do you think it will be in 2012?

John Wesley responded on 11/22/2011

You need to understand, I am not in the band, I am hired by the band, that means I do not participate at all in any decisions regarding the band.

Part two of this, is that many factors go into where and when the band tour, and none of these factors has anything to do with where the band members, "would like to play".

Decision of "boulder over denver" lets say, would depend on the local promoter, and whether the local promoter has a venue open on the day we need to route through the area. It would also depend on whether or not there is a venue open that day that will support the band draw. Then the promoter has to make an offer that will support the bands touring expenses.

Those and many more factors go into the decisions, made by the band's agent and manager, of where and when we tour.

The band actually is rarely consulted until the tour is assembled, and then only to confirm venues and routing.

As of now, there are no dates confirmed for 2012.

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