John Wesley

Why were 2 tracks added onto the reatail version of LP Suite but not included in the one sold on the web site or at concerts? This could p?ss off some of the "real" fans who pre-ordered or at concerts

John Wesley responded on 10/26/2011

As I said in an earlier email... the special edition was released months later. When the LLS was written and first released, there was no label deal, after the original was out, we received an offer to release the album on a larger scale, but the distribution chains would not release the EP version with only six songs, so we were forced to add the two extra. I literally had to write and record them in two weeks. I sent you an email address, I can't give them away full stop on the web at this point, but am working at it.

Basically, there will only be a few thousand of the original ever produced, so if you got one, you got the real collector version.

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