John Wesley

I saw that GigRig video you did, and was wondering if you could list out all the pedals you were using? (Geargeek, I know) Also do you run your delays before your gain pedals or after? Thanks

John Wesley responded on 04/22/2011

Boss RT 20 rotary, Fulltone mini deja vibe, GigRig Humdinger, RockBox boiling point, Analog Man mini bi-chorus, 1974 MXR phase 90, Fulltone Choral Flange, Klon Centaur, Diamond Memory Lane, Vintage FX Color Drive, Fulltone Wah, Peterson Tuner

This has changed a bit, I added in a Boss 8V and an amazing delay that I run in front, the El Capistan (which I run in front of the amp at the end of all the effects in the chain)

The Diamond Memory Lane and TC Nova System are run in the effects loop.

There will be a gear section soon on my website with descriptions & pics of my guitars, amps, pedals, etc...

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