John Wesley

Hey John! I'm 20 years old and currently beginning the life of being a musician right now with my band. When you were starting out, how did you always keep positive, even when no one was at the gigs?

John Wesley responded on 01/28/2011

Well, not having many people at a gig is something that you will always face in your career. Even the biggest acts have that problem from time to time. The only way you can really have a happy life as a musician, is the learn young, that the path goes up and down.

It's like surfing on the ocean, sometimes you are on top of the wave...sometimes you are at the bottom.... but it doesn't matter... because even at the bottom... you are in the Ocean...surfing... and to a surfer...that is better than anything else.

So whether there are ten people, or ten thousand... play likes it's your last gig...

and remember...a bad day doing better than a good day doing most other things...

good luck... JW

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