John Wesley

Dear JW! As a pro musician, you might have a trick to solve a problem of ours. Guitarist uses a CGCEGC tuning on his electroacoustic guitar. Detunes all the time. Any ideas? No chance for a betterone!

John Wesley responded on 12/15/2010

First off, go with a heavy gauge string, .11 or .12 sets. Or a .10 light top/heavy bottom.

Have a guitar repair tech open the nut to accommodate the heavier string gauge and have him set the guitar neck and intonation of for those strings. Then set that tuning for that guitar, make new strings are always stretched, and make sure as soon as the guitar comes out of the case it is tuned.

put a tuner in line for him on stage, a boss tu2 works great... he can tweak the tuning in between songs.


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