John Wesley

Hey John, question for you. As someone getting into a band as a vocalist, I'm having a problem. The "musicians" are innately used to jamming. As a "vocalist" (read as, car&shower singer), I'm finding it pretty hard to work outside of a structured box. By this, I mean for instance hearing your albums hundreds of times, and knowing every uttered syllable and inflection by heart. Improvising is not coming easy. I'm a writer, and coming up with lyrics or finding an appropriate lyric/melody pairing is feeling downright impossible such as when we are working on original pieces. Any suggestions for trying to work through this? How do you or DID you overcome this sort of thing?

John Wesley responded on 03/17/2015

Hi Flynn....

Vocals are not really a jamming thing, if you are in a room and the band is creating, hum along to create melodies, but never feel like you have to come up with the lyrics and melodies on the spot. let the band jam...record the tunes on your phone, take them home and sing over them, I some times stick a cd of rehearsal on in my car and sing ideas as I drive... creating great lyrics can happen many ways... but least of all... jamming!

cheers! JW

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