John Wesley

Huge fan! Wow. So, yes, I do have a question for John Wesley. I was looking mainly for more personal, maybe even spiritual advice on looking for how John deals with life when it's tough, variable, disheartening, difficult, and you know you have something, a talent, a creative passion, that speaks to yourself and others you care for, you work at this, hard every day, and yet the numbers, the reality of making it in this industry are against you, and yet that's where you feel your destiny lies. It doesn't feel like it is, "If at first you don’t succeed...," sort of thing, because that's sort of one-dimensional. Was wondering if John had a story or something he could pass along. Thanks so much! Keep on rockin' it!

John Wesley responded on 04/12/2016

Hi DW...sorry about not getting to this sooner...

The main thing I can offer is... pursue your passion...but don't ruin your life doing so. You have to create a balance. Easy to say... but the main thing is define what will make you happy with this... if at first you don't succeed?? What is success? For me it is in the playing and recording.... the industry has changed so much that depending on it for income is almost out of the question. So secure an income....and create at the same's give and take..sometimes one will be more on top than the other. The secret is not giving up...and creating balance. Good luck.... JW

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