John Wesley

Hey John :) loving Disconnect great songs and some wonderful varied tones. Are you a purist when it comes to amps or do you use Fractal or Kemper etc ? Thanks keep rockin
Phil Parr

John Wesley responded on 04/12/2016

Well Phil..... I have the from that aspect I am a purist. If I didn't have access to the amps... then the Kemper is the closest to the tones I seek....but the Fractal is amazing at creating it's own things... so really...I am a purist when I can be! If I am touring... a Mesa Boogie Mark V is the nearest thing to my Modded Marshalls... although some hire companies are getting the better Marshalls... so it's an opportunistic thing.... Kemper or Fractals are amazing... so who knows...maybe someday! JW

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