John Wesley

Hey Man:
Just had a weird "de ja vu" experience when I saw you are performing in Annapolis at Rams Head on May 3, 2014 8:PM. I thought for a moment someone was playing tricks on me. You see my name is John Milton Wesley, and I am a keyboardist living here in Maryland and I will be opening a jazz series in Baltimore the same day from 3-5PM also listed on Go figure! I did contact Rams Head to let them know. In any case, I would love to get in touch with you while you are here.You can reach me via Facebook (John M. Wesley), or give me a call at: 443-995-9978 here in Maryland.
By the way, if no one has been chosen already, I would still love to open for you. I recently opened for famed sax man Gary Bartz at "Jazz on the Waterfront" in Baltimore.
Just sayin'. All the best. I will pull up your music also and check you out, please do the same for mine. Welcome to the US "my brother".

John Wesley responded on 03/27/2014

Thanks John.... maybe we will see you in Baltimore...cheers!

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