John Wesley

Hello John,

I don''t think you will remember but we ( my wife and I )
were on a holiday in St. petersburg in 1997 or 1998.
We are coming from the Netherlands
We were sitting on the beach having a drink, while we
were listening to your music.
I said to my wife that i recognize you from a performance
in ahoy Rotterdam, you were support act of Marillion at that moment.
When we said this to you you were saying that this was
one of your favorite performances you ever had, and
you said you were going to play a marillion song for us.
Than you song Sugar mice from Marillion.
We had put this on the camcorder and sometimes we
are looking at this movie.
7-8 years later we saw you in Utrecht playing with Marillion again, this was fantastic.
Now i have listened to your music since that day in St. Petersburg, and also your band Porcupine Tree.
But actually i only want to tell you that we never forget this
and want to thank you for this great moment for us.
Loves from Holland,


John Wesley responded on 02/27/2014

Hi Ed... I am happy you enjoyed the music through the years.... I have some new music coming soon and hope to get to Holland this year... hope we can meet up then! all the best...JW

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