John Wesley

Hello John,

I really dig yours and Stevens guitar sound from the PT DVD "Arriving Somewhere". The distorted sounds are so punchy and sweet! Could you please tell me how you get such a nice distorted tone and which mics you used to mic up the amps?

Chris from Mannheim, Germany

John Wesley responded on 12/31/2013

On Arriving Somewhere...we were using Bad Cat hot cat combo's which are really designed like older Marshall Amps, just done really well... You can find JCM 800 combo's or heads... really any nice tube Marshall or EL34 based tube amp. Actually Hughes and Kettner have a fantastic line of EL 34 based amps. The trick is to get a really chunky and nice tight rhythm sound and then use a pedal for solos. Two mics...a Shure SM57 and a large diaphragm mic such as a Sennheiser 609...mix the two sounds together... play really tight and in tune... and good luck! JW

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