John Wesley

Hope we see you play in Portland sometime soon! (And would be happy to be your opener!)

My question: What was the worst thing that happened during a gig?

John Wesley responded on 12/20/2013

The funny thing is that I have done so many gigs... that there are almost many "worst things" to choose from!

Once in Paris, the record label all came out to a show...big night... sold out. It was the second of two nights in Paris and I had been on tour for months and got sick... started to lose my voice so I got the idea to lower my tuning by a half step. Bad Idea... the promoter had called a doctor in that day and he gave me some shots. So that night in a full house I was dizzy from the meds, the lights were dim and I was having trouble. I started singing in the lower tuning and I could barely get a note out. Horrible. Then I was so disoriented that I tripped over the Bass pedals from the main act and fell on my ass in front of the record company... !! bad night! Cheers JW

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