John Wesley
Q - PART 2

I assume that a lot of layers were recorded and blended together, but I'd like if you could share information about:
- the mics used (which one to get what result in which bandwith along the frecuency spectrum: AKG 414 / Shure SM57 / sennheiser MD 421 ?),
- what were the guitars used to get those tones(PRS Custom / Gibson Les Paul ?)
- what were the guitar amps and cabinets used (Mesa Boogie?).

An extra question goes about ambiance miking and mixing:
- Have you used them to get this kind of tones?
- If you did, what kind of room is needed to set that guitar wall in the mix then (small room / mid room / big room??)
- Was it mono/ST, more than than one mic ?
- How do you get space left for voices after that amazing guitar wall? Whats the trick to pay attention on?

John Wesley responded on 12/20/2013

For Fear and Incident.... two mics... 421/57 combo. No ambient mic-ing...all close mic-ed. 57 for the "rip" high end... 421 for the guts...

very small room.....

cab was an old Marshall 1976... 25 Watt Greenbacks the amps were two marshall heads...on old JMP 120 modded by Mark Cameron the other was a 30th anniversary head.

space for the voices is done by selective panning and if you notice...most of the really big guitars happen when there is no vocals...

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