John Wesley
Q - PART 1
Hi John!
I'm glad to have a way of communication to be able to ask you some questions about guitar audio production during recording processes. For that, thank you!

I'm refering myself to those heavy guitar sounds like the ones Porcupine Tree had come us used to listen. I understand that you were a great part of the production of those particular dense and deep sounds, and that they were recorded in Florida between SW and yourself.
An example of the sound I'm looking for would be something like the guitars that we can feel in 'The Incident' from minute 1:34 (talking about track number 6 of the PT record that shares the same name of the song). Or 'Way out of Here' from minute 4:49 (Fear for a Blank Planet).

John Wesley responded on 12/20/2013

truthfully well played and well track guitar sounds...mostly PRS guitars...some Les Paul, Tele etc... Marshall amps...

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