John Wesley

I just recently discovered your solo work and I'm already a big fan. I just wanted to thank you for the song 'Thanksgiving Day'. I was in Iraq at the same time as the friend you lost, albeit with a different unit, and we lost several guys right around that time too. Any time we lost someone I would visualize the family being notified and try to imagine what they were dealing with. Your song, while a bit tough for me to listen to, perfectly expresses what I have had in my head all these years. Thanks again.
-Charles T/Los Gatos,CA
PS- I can't wait to see you on tour, hopefully soon.

John Wesley responded on 09/09/2013

Charles, thanks for the note, it does mean a lot to know that you connected with the story and song. It was and still is very difficult for me to even perform this song, I wanted to get across the depth of the Sacrifice, the one that you and your brothers make for us all so that we are safe, at the same time, I wanted to convey the level of sacrifice that your families endure.... it is incomprehensible really, but I hope the words in the song somewhat touch upon that depth. Thanks so much for writing, I hope we catch up on tour sometime...and please share the song with some of your friends that may also connect with it. Take care and thanks for your service... it is never forgotten.... JW

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