John Wesley

I don't think I've ever heard anyone pull off such an incredible live guitar tone as you, any tips? Also, on a sidenote, your performance on My Ashes on the Anesthetize DVD seriously gave me the heaviest chills down my spine, which has led me to explore a lot more of your own material. You are seriously an incredible talent John, I can't say much more than that.
PJ, Ireland.

John Wesley responded on 06/29/2013

Thanks PJ! The tone thing is something I take very seriously. I was demonstrating an amp with Paul Reed Smith one time and he was playing my guitar and then the handed it to me and I played it and it sounded different. Paul looked up and said "the tone is in your hands"... so it starts in your hands, and anyone can acquire it. It begins with a real focus on the way your pick and your fingers hit the string. After that, I really am serious about what types of guitars and amps I play and I search high and low until I find the right amps that fit my ears. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have great tone, but you do have to pay a lot attention to your hands and what instruments and equipment you're playing through. I hope this helps! Thanks again and great to hear from you!

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