John Wesley

Hi John,
I was wondering how your guitar to effects system works with your piezo, with that I mean the routing. I'm rather in the dark thinking of a way. (I play your parts in a PT tribute band)

John Wesley responded on 04/11/2013

My piezo signal is split from the regular guitar signal and sent to a DI and to the front of house. I have, built into my switching system, a patch that turns it on and off... but you can do that with a simple volume pedal or $50 a/b box. The important part of getting the piezo right is having it separate from your guitar amp. One idea that works well with a piezo is to send it to some sort of acoustic modeling pedal -- Fishman makes a good one and Alex Lifeson was using the Fishman on his last tour... but this tour he's using the AXFX, which I hope to use next time I tour with PT.

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